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HHH Checks on Pregnant Steph


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  1. itu lgi hamil ap gmna , …?

  2. I am glad he saved her pregnent wife

  3. it's really fake but it's cool to watch and see who wins

  4. USA = CHINA, fake show, fake people, trashfuck

  5. Triple h plz hit randy with a wrecking ball plz

  6. the man is bad who was going to kill her baby

  7. Omg he just fell on his wife

  8. ehhhhhhhh hhhhhhhh

  9. fuckin kidding me stephanie is pregnant then he just hit hhh then got hit to stephanie how rude

  10. I really cry because it's the true love.

  11. السلام وعليكم

  12. astaufiruloh janngan ditiruyah

  13. The third one is mean you know cause she is pregnant and he push him down

  14. for all you who "think" that WWE is "FAKE"…. then stop watching it LOSERS….!!!

  15. who else heard you fucked up

  16. Is the end to the world

  17. रंजीत कुशवाहा

  18. Even fighters can be lovers

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