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Randy Orton Sells Out?

The McMahon Circle of relatives chooses Randy Orton because the face of the WWE … a chance The Viper may now not cross up.

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  1. Randy is the 2nd best superstar in WWE

  2. Check out my randy and Stephanie edit

  3. Yes!Yes!Yes!..Daniel Bryan is the best …best among all i 've seen…Everybody sucks

  4. The Shield Sucks !!!!●●●● OFF


  6. I had no problem with Daniel Bryan being wwe champion

  7. Triple h is right about one thing u should never settle for less

  8. HHH is like another Mr . McMahon

  9. I can’t remember a time where I don’t know what the wwe was it was a simple dot in my life 15 years ago now it’s the only color in my canvas and this by far my favorite promo in all of 2013

  10. I was in the front row of the crowd

  11. I hate the shied, Triple H, and Randy ortan now and what Randy ortan did to triple h wife was worth it cuz she act like a b**

  12. oh yeah why not Randy orton become face again? we never get tired of that -_- just let whoever wrestler who wins the belt become face. this is what I hate so much. Randy Orton was much a better wrestler during 2008 – 2011. but because of the wwe controlling these characters, that makes Randy Orton the worst booked WWE wrestler. I just hate these things wwe does to these guys

  13. wait so is The Shield now working for the authourity

  14. Did you look at that this 👌🏻

  15. I thought she was going to slap him

  16. It’s funny to think that she is not McMahon
    She is not Helmsley
    She is levesque

  17. The Face Of The WWE Randy Orton … Wow It Sounds Great

  18. Hey I’m just tired 😴 was my day off today and tomorrow I hope you like the movie and I don’t

  19. Check it out Randy Orton and Triple H one is the leader of evolution group and the other is the leader of the legacy group working with each other.

  20. Triple h: you got it, you got it
    Me: Nope

  21. Daniel Bryan is a brilliant wrestler,my favourite!!!! He deserves the WWE championship

  22. The began of what revived wwe

  23. The authority made me stop watching WWE for almost four years

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