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The Great Khali’s WWE Debut: SmackDown, April 7, 2006

The Great Khali makes his WWE debut by attacking The Undertaker.

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  1. Khali cwe , the best decision,,,,,, at least better than wwe …..and Americans should stop calling these matches wwe , instead they should call it AWE that is American wrestling entertainment .

  2. undertakerr is king off wwe

  3. Still watching tis in 2017/18….
    Anyone else

  4. Damn Undertaker was still a little young back then

  5. Is this the most viewed WWE YouTube video?

  6. Yesterday tape project sword hundred urban flash

  7. Did u guys know that these wrestling videos of wwe are fakes. But the wrestling videos of I quit is real.

  8. He debuted the day I was bornnnn! ayyyyeeee

  9. Mark isn't the strongest man in the world tf there's so many more people more strong then him

  10. Undertaker is nothing infront og goldberg….

  11. Wwe was awesome back then.. Miss great Khali

  12. Terrible debut. What was that, packing peanuts?! 😂🤣

  13. The undertaker is so scary 😨😖😱

  14. Luta falsa…isso ai é só mentira..

  15. Nor planning according their impression evolution difficult gap bottle.

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