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WWE 2K17 – NEW SUBMISSION SYSTEM BREAKDOWN!! (Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels!!)

WWE 2K17 is here! This time we’re taking a look at the BRAND NEW SUBMISSION SYSTEM in WWE 2K17 featuring Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart! Shout out to 2K for flying me out and having me capture early footage of the near-final build of WWE 2K17! Subscribe right now for much more WWE 2K17 content including My Career Mode, Universe Mode, Entrances, Features, & more!


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  1. Did anyone else see the person walking around in the sky?

  2. did anyone see the floating man on the top left 0:04

  3. who saw that man walking on the air

  4. I'd just like to contribute to the Breaking Point vs Pendulum Wheel submission system argument. I'm pretty sure everyone complaining about how hard it is forgets about the L2/LT-to-boost-pendulum-speed command. It is the key to winning. I even won a 2v1 (I was the 1) in like two minutes just by locking in a sequence of submissions. Thanks to the shoddy illegal-partner AI, the other guy was just watching his buddy tap out in the middle of the ring at WrestleMania.

  5. I miss the button mashing. Yes it could kill your thumb after a while but it was nice to actually watch the submission rather than a mini game.

  6. that's horseshit. just give us the breaking point system back

  7. I miss the Type A and Type B submissions back in 2006/2007

  8. I just hope entrances are on online matches this year.

  9. No it's to hard on me I have it on easy and I can't get a submission on anyone with either system

  10. Instead of breaking out of the hold, filling the meter completely blue should initiate the animation of the superstar crawling towards the ropes. Most submissions we see on TV gets broken up by rope break. Can we do that in 2k17? Crawl towards the rope while in a submission predicament?

  11. I'm getting the game next week how is the submission system now

  12. Holy crap! I just tried it, it's like the buttons don't work!

  13. the boton one is easyer to use but hard asf to win with it

  14. how do I apply and kick out of submissions also same with the pin system?

  15. Um, am I the only one who's submission hold escape thingy isnt a pie chart looking thing, but it says 'breaking point'?

  16. its easier the more you damage the indicted area

  17. I Will Go With The Old one

  18. this is nothing like Breaking Point in the game…

  19. Thanks for the video and I liked and subscribed. I'm not that great getting out of submissions, but still love the game.

  20. In my opinion smashing the buttons are better

  21. Thank you because now I can actually beat my brother 😂😂😂

  22. Same happens to me wtf it doesn’t work

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