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WWE: “The Sport” ► Triple H 17th Theme Music

“The Sport”
by way of Motörhead

Album: WWE: The Sport (Triple H) [feat. Motörhead] – Unmarried
Genres: Soundtrack, Track, Rock
Launched: Jun 01, 2011
℗ 2011 WWE, Inc.

Obtain Hyperlink: (m4a)

To be had Solely on iTunes:

Theme Depend:
1st: “Blue Blood”
second: “Ode to Pleasure” (WWE Edit)
third: “Spoil It Down”
4th: “Spoil It Down” (WWE Edit)
fifth: “No Likelihood In Hell” (WWE Edit)
sixth: (Company Heel Theme)
seventh: “Upper Mind Trend”
eighth: “Upper Mind Trend” (second Model)
ninth: “My Time” (WWE Edit)
10th: “The Sport” (Instrumental)
11th: “The Sport” (Instrumental) (second Model)
12th: “The Sport” (WWE Edit)
13th: “King of Kings”
14th: “Spoil It Down” (third Model)
15th: “The Sport” (second WWE Edit)
16th: “The Sport” (third WWE Edit)
17th: “The Sport” (4th WWE Edit)
18th: “Spoil It Down” (third Model)
19th: “Spoil It Down” (4th Model)
20th: “For Whom the Bell Tolls/The Sport” (WWE MIX)


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  1. just came to spit water ha ha game over😎😎

  2. Best theme song of 20177

  3. I once did the whole water spitting in the air scene in front of a fifty people audience with a bare torso, flexing my muscles at my elementary school playground. Guess i was crazy about Triple H. We used to play wrestling all the time during recess.

  4. Imagine this music playing in the background of a ASMR vid


  5. Best song to spit-spray water to.

  6. this is the best one of all

  7. i am the gameHahahahahahahhahahaahha

  8. SAW I want to play a game….

  9. THE GAME TRIPLE HHH!!!!!!!!

  10. Triple H is my favorite WWE wrestler

  11. When your parents give back your video game privileges.

  12. 0:03 when your teacher is sick, and you come home and no homework

  13. Missed old HHH . HHH with sledge hammer is most dangerous

  14. Back when he was awesome!
    Now he isn't…

  15. Get your free Steam Gift Card Codes at It really works!

  16. best entrances and best music!!


  18. Just gave a pedigree to my ex girl friend

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